Soybean is recognized internationally for its health benefits and is a champion among vegans. Soya beans are very versatile and are consumed by both humans and livestock. Although most soybeans are yellow, there are also rare varieties which are black, brown or even green. Soy milk and soy flour are two of the popular products that are made with this bean. The processing of soybean is complex and can produce poisonous inhibitors harmful for consumption if not handled properly. Soybean also has some oil which is of a high quality without cholesterol and in the grade of olive oil.

In making money from this product, you will have to decide what the finished products of your processing will be. Soybean can be processed to several products that all have huge demand. These include soymilk, yogurt, tofu, soybean oil, soy flour, soy sauce, fermented bean paste, textured vegetable protein, natto, tempeh, among others. Of these, soymilk, tofu (bean curd), and soybean oil are the most sought-after. From talking with people in the business and doing some market research, you will decide on what your end product will be. Once that is done, here are other basic to have in mind:

Secure adequate source for raw materials: Part of your business will involve securing an adequate supply of the quality of raw materials you need for production. A good place to source for raw soybeans will be from farmers and local food markets where you can secure regular supplies. With adequate resources, you may decide to cultivate your own raw material in addition to your other supplies. This will guarantee you better quality control and save you cost in the long run due to the vertical integration of your business.

Set up a work area: Once you are set, get the space for your production, buy the equipment you may be needing (your research should guide you to know which equipment you will require at this time).

Standardize your products: It’s important you understand the chemistry of your process. Measure and take process readings serious as customers will expect every package to be exactly the same.

Get creative: Come up with unique finished products derived from your soybean process. This may include your own yogurt line, cheese, etc. Create marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, and business cards. Get a list of bakeries, food processing companies, wholesale and retail merchants, near your location, write a proposal to them marketing your company and products to them. Your marketing and distribution plan is central to the success of your business. Take advantage of as many sales channels as possible – online and offline media to inform the buying market that your business exists and the benefits they can derive from your unique product.

You need to get the necessary certifications from the organization responsible for regulating food businesses in your location. This is in addition to any other certifications or endorsements that will help to increase the authenticity of your product to your customers

Be diligent and thorough in your understanding of the business details – Get started and keep an open mind. Be quick to learn trends and new imaginations in your line of business. Persistence and the determination to succeed are the most important skills you bring to the table.

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