Agriculture is an evergreen entrepreneurial hotbed of ideas. To successfully start a profitable agriculture business, an aspiring business person who intends to achieve high growth rates must have to get creative. Creativity will bring value to the market and with even more creative marketing and distribution, high levels of profitability is guaranteed.

Here are twelve interesting lines of business in agriculture to consider. It should be noted that these businesses do not require extensive technical know-how and can be started by anybody:

Start a Cheap Livestock Feed Production Business

(hydroponics fodder systems) – Hydroponics farming is basically the growing of terrestrial plants using nutrients solutions, in water without any soil composition. This method of farming has a number of advantages – besides the fact that it is a very neat way of farming, it enables any farmer to produce crops of choice irrespective of the area they live in and whether the soil composition in the area supports the kind of crop they want to cultivate . . . read more

Start a Maggot Production Business

Maggots have become a surprisingly reliable addition to protein sources in animal feed. Unlike Soybean and Fishmeal, they won’t they come at a considerably lower market price and they won’t be in competition as a major human food source anytime soon (hopefully). Furthermore, as a profitable agriculture business, producing an insect-based protein (maggots) doesn’t come with the adverse environmental consequences of producing an animal protein (fish meal) or plant protein (soybean) which require more land, water, and energy resources. They are also very rich in proteins and contain a wide range of amino acids and minerals that provide the necessary nutrition for livestock growth . . . read more

Start a Mushroom Production Business

Edible mushrooms can be commercially cultivated for food and medicinal purposes. This can be done on decaying organic matter like tree trunks or on soils through the six farming steps namely: making the mushroom compost, finishing the compost, spawning, casing, pinning, and cropping. Having a low startup cost, mushroom farming can yield loads of profit in just a matter of weeks if it is taken pretty seriously . . . read more

Start a Dried Fruits Production Business

Drying is the oldest known method of preserving food. Even today, we can sun dry or dry in an oven or a dehydrator that is specially designed for home drying. To operate a dryer business successfully and profitably requires dedication, patience and basic business skills. The investment decision to start a drying business should not be undertaken lightly. It is necessary to understand what is actually involved from the outset.There is a large international market for dried fruit and vegetables, most of which are used as ingredients in food industries . . . read more

Start a Juices, Jam and Jelly Manufacturing Business

Fruit are readily available in many parts of the world. They are sold in local food markets, fruit vendors, among others. It’s a huge industry and a disciplined entrepreneur can build a profitable business by growing and distributing fresh fruits. In addition to this, an entrepreneur can also get creative and explore several benefits by “adding value” to the fruit locally. With almost any fruit, such as pineapples, mangoes, bananas or limes, and using simple procedures – you can turn them into processed juices and jams. With the necessary permits, adequate packaging and marketing you can access your local market and a multi-billion dollar global industry . . . read more

Start a Cashew Nuts Processing Business

Cashew nuts processing can be initiated at any location considering the availability of raw material. It can be started small-medium scale. These cashew nuts are used in large quantities by sweet meat dealers and confectioners. It also has huge exports potential to many parts of the world – making it a very good prospect for profitable business. It should be noted, that establishing a cashew nut processing company requires some technical details that need a lot of attention to put in place . . . read more

Start a Soybean Processing Business

Soybean is recognized internationally for its health benefits and is a champion among vegans. Soya beans are very versatile and are consumed by both humans and livestock. Although most soybeans are yellow, there are also rare varieties which are black, brown or even green. Soy milk and soy flour are two of the popular products that are made with this bean. The processing of soybean is complex and can produce poisonous inhibitors harmful for consumption if not handled properly. Soybean also has some oil which is of a high quality without cholesterol and in the grade of olive oil . . . read more

Start an Organic Fertilizer Production Business

(Using Vermicomposting) – As you would expect, organic fertilizers include animal, wastes from meat processing, peat, manure, slurry, plant wastes from agriculture, and treated sewage sludge, etc. This is also a profitable agriculture business. Operators in the organic fertilizer production industry basically manufacture pure organic fertilizer products. The products are properly packaged and distributed via wholesale arrangements with third parties or, in the case of vertically integrated operations, by the manufacturer . . . read more

Start a Versatile Honey Production Business

Honey bee farming is one of the most enjoyable types of businesses out there. The honey bee extracts honey from its natural surroundings and then converts it into something that is consumable. In addition, honey bees help to pollinate the vegetables and fruits in one’s area. When considering going into this line of business, it will be great you understand some opportunities it provides for good business . . . read more

Start a Spices and Flavor Production Business

The spice business is a multi-billion dollar global industry and a significant source of revenue for several countries. The modern spice trade has come a long way from its roots. Today, spice entrepreneurs carry an exhaustive catalog of spices, selling them to wholesale and retail spice customers around the world. But instead of transporting large shiploads of spices, some contemporary spice entrepreneurs leverage the power of the Internet to peddle their products to remote buyers. To effectively go into this line of business you must do thorough research of the industry in your location, your country and internationally. Here are some general tips on how you get started . . . read more

Start an Assorted Flour Mill Business

There are different types of flours and each of type of flour – wheat flour, corn flour, rice flour, plantain flour and even yam flour. My guess is that you know the raw materials each of these types of flour are made from. Starting a flour mill business can be a very profitable venture due to the huge demand for flour by companies that use flour as raw material to produce other finished products, these include – bakeries, pharmaceutical companies, other food processing companies, and individuals for small pastry baking. To get started here are basic steps to have in mind . . . read more

Start an Agricultural Products Exports Agency

Do you know that some farmers and agricultural produce traders are looking for ways to increase their revenues and grow their business? However, they a bogged down by the daily requirements of their business and have not given adequate attention in growing their exports market. Here is the opportunity exploited by specialist export agencies. As a product sourcing/ exports agent, savvy entrepreneurs conveniently plug into the export value chain, build up a successful exports business while having fun maintaining a large and growing international network of clients . . . read more


Be diligent and thorough in your understanding of the business details – Get started and keep an open mind. Be quick to learn trends and new imaginations in your line of business. Persistence and the determination to succeed are the most important skills you bring to the table . . .

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