Do you know that some farmers and agricultural produce traders are looking for ways to increase their revenues and grow their business? However, they a bogged down by the daily requirements of their business and have not given adequate attention in growing their exports market. Here is the opportunity exploited by specialist export agencies. As a product sourcing/ exports agent, savvy entrepreneurs conveniently plug into the export value chain, build up a successful exports business while having fun maintaining a large and growing international network of clients.

Getting Started

Starting out in this line of business is not really capital intensive. However, it is a complex one and not something you just jump into. Basic knowledge of the working of formal and informal export channels have to be understood – documentation, licensing, port procedures, guidelines, product sourcing etc. Attending training and talk with practitioners in the industry will be very helpful.

Define Your products of interest.  You need to specify what products you can easily export. Focus on products that you can easily make available in required quantity whenever there is demand for it. With the internet, the world has become a global community – you could actively communicate with potential clients and assess the potential demand for your choice items. This will give you a broad picture of what to expect.
Secure your product sources: Identify and assess the capacity of your local sources. Reach out to the farmers. trade associations, commodity merchants, traders, warehouse operators, traders, etc. Work to guarantee you have contacts that can comfortably deliver your projected supplies to you. Understand the financial dynamics you can afford – in terms of their pricing, credit policy, you own financial capacity, etc.
Register Your Business:  Properly register your business and get all the necessary documentation, licenses and permits you may need. Register with your national chambers of commerce and other trade groups that will boost your network and credibility to your new clientele.
Showcase your products: You need to figure out creative ways to get the message out. To advertise your products and service. A key consideration as an exporter are trade fairs, and as you progress in the exports business, you’ll need to attend a lot of them and take your products & services with you for promotion.

Locate Your Clients: The Internet is a solid platform for international trade. In your planning stage, it is important you develop a sound marketing plan that will enable you to reach all your potential clients and services them adequately.A solid online presence is part of this (website, profiles on relevant platforms, etc). You can seal trade deals from the comfort of your room without necessarily meeting with your client face to face. You can find buyers for your products by joining trade websites and being an active member.  Always consider giving demonstrations and training to local organizations, farmer groups, associations, etc. This will position you firmly as an expert in the industry and get you a lot more exposure.

Be diligent and thorough in your understanding of the business details – Get started and keep an open mind. Be quick to learn trends and new imaginations in your line of business. Persistence and the determination to succeed are the most important skills you bring to the table.

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