Fundraising is a critical aspect of a business, even more so for startups. At some point, the entrepreneur may have to meet with potential investors and partners to pitch his business to them. To be successful at doing this, a lot of research and diligence in preparation is required.  Here we outlined some tools that are useful in the fundraising process. This could also find application in not for profit organizations, among other.


PitchXO (

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This is your Google analytics for your pitch deck. How many presentations have you sent, without the other person actually checking them out? This could get a bit embarrassing during the follow-up call. Pitchxo changes that – sending out a PDF, keynote, powerpoint or other company related documents shouldn’t cause shivers. Simply send out a secure link of your document and then see who views it, when, and what they were looking at. It’s that simple | See more Here


Capdesk (

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Is a tool for managing shareholdings in the business. Capdesk’s mission is to create an easy to use shareholding tool for both the companies and investors. Invite potential investors to cap table, news, and documents. The more you prepare, the more professional you seem | See more Here

Email Hunter (

Email hunter is a chrome plugin that looks up mail address on a specific URL. Its is usually used as a sales tool, however its also comes handy for fundraising. Hunter works through massive amounts of data to create connections between professionals. Go to your target investors website, hit the email hunter button and get the correct emails for you correspondences | See more Here


Equidam (


Discover your Company Value – Valuation is always a slippery point of negotiation. It is important you know a thing or two about the value arguments that may ensue when discussing the value of your company. Equidam lets you make a professional valuation of your company in minutes | See more Here

Google Forms (

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Collect and organize information big & small with Google Forms. They are a great at helping you stay well organized and probably use them to extract commitments from potential investors. See more Here


Discoverly (

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Discoverly is a chrome plugin that crawls all social information on social media profile. With this tool, you have the opportunity to conduct more detailed background research on your prospects. It is a great way to find out if you have anything in common with the investor | See more Here

Y-Combinator Documents (

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Preparing your paper work in a diligent, error free and well organized manner is crucial. This is perhaps one of the most important parts of fundraising. The Y-combinator released a set of investment document templates for all to use | See more Here

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