Companies are running into increasingly competitive talent markets, with increasing recruiting costs and process logistics.

Typically in what is described as inbound hiring, candidates would have to be active on job portals and scout through the various jobs listed. It would then be up to the recruiter of a company to go through all the CVs and schedule interviews with the potential candidate. On the other hand, an outbound hiring technique could be deployed reaching out to these candidates via platforms like LinkedIn, an employment agency or some other in-house process.

Either way, the commitment to a critical aspect of eventual workplace success which is “cultural fit” is difficult to sustain.

This is where big data startups like Belong have seized the initiative to provide an integrated hiring solution that looks beyond the skill-space matching, to help companies develop engagement with candidates through personalized interactions that are backed by social insights.

Belong is an Indian based recruitment company with the world’s first predictive outbound hiring solution that helps you discover, engage and hire un-findable talent. Started in 2014, its four co-founders are Sudheendra Chilappagari, Rishabh Kaul, Vijay Sharma and Saiteja Veera.

Technology Highlights

  • Outbound marketing is at the core of their delivery process. Its search and recommendation technology analyzes millions of profiles across social, internet and public sources to help companies discover potential candidates who best fit their culture and skills requirements, while gaining verified insights into whether they are passively open to new opportunities.
  • Once a potential candidate is zeroed in on, a personalized email is sent to his or her inbox. In order to make an email personalized, the algorithm searches for insights (like an award won for a project) from publicly available social data. This engages a candidate immediately and often leads to quicker responses.
  • A strong ideological ethos underpins their processes – they believe people are more than the skills they pick up, their work experiences, or the designations they hold. We are human beings with aspirations and values; and to build anything that lasts – be it a company, a social movement or an institution, we need to connect on a level beyond what is usually evaluated.

There are times to focus on inbound strategies and some other times where outbound is ideal. Modern outbound recruiting solutions provide a comprehensive platform in which recruiters can input what they need, be instantly connected to top relevant candidates and reach out to them (You can see some notable platforms for this below) – How you go about your recruiting is equally as important as who you are searching for. By understanding the needs of the position and what type of candidate you are looking for, you will be far more successful.

Entelo is a privately held technology company located in San Francisco. Entelo offers a SaaS platform used by recruiters and hiring managers to find and engage talent. The company offers integrations of its platform with third-party platforms and software such as Oracle-Taleo, iCIMS, and SmartRecruiters applicant tracking systems, etc.

TalentBin A huge outbound hiring resource is designed to find unfindable technical talent. According to their site, they find candidates where they live online based on their real interests and actions with a deep dossier of candidates – giving a full picture of a candidate’s professional and personal interests, aggregated and scored from their entire social footprint.

Hire360 based in Oklahoma, U.S. it is a B2B SaaS platform that makes outbound employee recruiting effortless. They seem to be another interesting outbound hiring platform designed to literally recruit for you. Identifying top candidates in your area, ranks and reaches out to the best ones, all on your behalf.


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