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Changing weather patterns, droughts and flash floods have turned agricultural water usage into a major priority for farmers. Agro-analytic companies like CropX continue to innovate with the latest in IoT technologies to bring solutions in this space.

Agricultural land is not uniform, different parts of a field will require different amounts of irrigation. Conventional irrigation systems miss this fairly simple observation as they water fields evenly, thereby wasting water and energy. This represses crop yield by inadvertently over-watering some parts of the field while under-watering other parts. Furthermore, harmful leachate and runoff of farming chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, etc) which impact the environment is uncontrolled.

To mitigate this, agriculture IoT innovators deliver new adaptive/precision irrigation technologies. CropX based in TelAviv, Isreal is one of such companies – they have developed one of the world’s most advanced adaptive irrigation service which optimizes irrigation, automatically generating daily irrigation maps, which apply just the right amount of water to different parts of the same field.

Technology Highlights

  • CropX makes soil sensors and irrigation controllers for use on commercial farms. This basically comprises a combination of three wireless sensors and a mobile app, to determine exactly how much water needs to be applied to each part of the field. Their new generation of DIY sensors can be screwed into the ground, and properly installed in about four minutes.
A farmer installing a CropX sensor in the ground (Photo: CropX)
  • Their app is integrated to help farmers interpret all the data gathered and enable them to make choices about how to treat their land. The company does a one-time analysis of each field, using publicly available data on the soil type and topography. This combined with data from the on-field sensors generates irrigation zones/maps to tell farmers when and how much to water different parts of their fields.
  • It is envisaged this technology for more efficient water usage will not end with the millions of acres of commercial farms. There is a growing need for better use of water supply across board – from orchards and organic farms, to golf courses and the smart homes of the future.

CropX was founded in 2013 with a mission to help the agriculture industry feed the world without wasting water, or dumping unnecessary fertilizer, pesticides, and other chemicals into the ground. 

The ability to cost-effectively automate the entire irrigation process – from data collection to actual irrigation – is a game changer. The arrival of the IoT revolution is bringing new possibilities to Agriculture. As the general prices for these agri-tech solutions continue to drop, they will likely find widespread adoption among farmers facing these pressures. See some other similar companies in this space:


FarmX is an American integrated agro-analytics company based in California. Their precision irrigation management technology sensors measure soil, plant and environmental variables to accurately measure water stress. Their advanced predictive algorithms deliver real-time irrigation actions.


OnFarm is also an American agro-analytics company has a platform that integrates multiple on-farm data into a single, grower-friendly platform. These are unique farm management tools that display and analyzes data from many different sources in a single, easy-to-use application.


AGrible also an agro-analytics company with a team of agronomists, atmospheric scientists, and developers who are set to transform the future of farming. They help growers realize the promise of big data and technology – providing the tools to increase productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.


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