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Wireless charging revolution – coming to devices, furniture and everything around you

The number of electronic devices per individual is increasing and charging these devices can be a hassle. This is the drive behind wireless charging technologies designed to provide simple charging solutions. However, one of the reasons wireless charging has not been fully integrated is that it can still be slower and less efficient than a traditional charger. This is where innovators in this space try to make up in better technology and/or better user experience.

One company at the forefront of these wireless charging technologies is pushing for seamless intuitive charging solutions. They are building wireless charging solutions that can fit into the tiniest of electronic devices. With a focus on wearables and IoT, they’re using radio frequency (RF) waves to wirelessly charge electronic devices.

Humavox is an Israeli start-up disrupting the device charging space using its proprietary application of RF technology. Basically, their technology is carving a niche on two levels:

1) The size of their receiving unit is millimeters in length and is therefore able to fit into the smallest of devices.

2) Their charging stations can take any form – it could be a drawer, a bowl or even your car’s cup holder. The technology provides a seamless drop & charge experience.

A charging NEST – Humavox was founded in 2010 by Omri Lachman and Asaf Elssibony (Photo: humavox.com)

Radio Frequency wireless charging is a technology that has developed to provide a different user experience from the other induction technology. It makes use of radio frequencies transmitted through a wireless charger, picked up by a receiver within the device that then converts this to DC voltage. This implies that effective wireless power transfer will not depend on the alignment of the transmitters and receivers.


The Humavox’s ETERNA wireless charging technology is a very customizable wireless charging platform designed to be easily integrated into products of any size. This way, product designers can mimic the user’s existing habits and patterns by integrating wireless charging into nearly any containing object where users already instinctively drop their devices. ETERNA comprises of three different parts: Thunderlink, NEST & Eterna Charging Optimizer.

  • Thunderlink is ETERNA’s power receiver: It combines electronic circuitry and a proprietary RF pickup element in order to enable efficient reception of the RF signal resonated by the NEST transmitter. This Humavox’s receiver is small and flexible enough to fit into the smallest of electronic devices.
  • NEST is ETERNA’s power transmitter: It is a design-free charging station. This means the charging device could potentially be a bowl, cup-holder, anything. The NEST Charging Station has almost no design constraints. Product designers have complete control over the user experience, functionality, and interface when it comes to charging a device.
  • Humavox’s ETERNA Charging Optimizer Algorithm ensures effective coupling in order to perfect the charging process in real-time and utilize energy effectively. This guarantees the user a true drop and charge experience.

Intuitive Charging is the belief at Humavox, that an electronic device should recharge exactly where we place them, regardless of how we placed them. This has been the centre-piece of their system design. Humavox’s Eterna hardware platform is to be sold as intellectual property to manufacturers so they can integrate this with whatever method works best for them. The wireless charging market is forecasted to be worth £13.7 billion by 2020. Other wireless device charging companies we noted include these:


uBeam is a U.S. company that is developing a wireless charging system that is designed to work via ultrasound. Founded in 2011 by Meredith Perry while she was a student at the University of Pennsylvania. uBeam is also an intriguing startup, promising to someday charge wireless devices in a seamless WiFi experience


Chargifi brings intelligent, wireless power to public venues like coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, sporting arenas, offices, transit hubs – anywhere you can think of. According to their site, the idea was born out of a realization by the founders that strategic decisions about venues they visited were sometimes made on the availability of power sockets.

Powermat is also one of the Pioneers in the rapidly emerging wireless charging industry. According to their site, the Powermat Mobile Engagement Platform will not only deliver to their partners an increase in foot traffic and sales, but also enrich customer experience with simple, and readily available charging solutions.


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