Deadline: June 30, 2017

If you’ve got an initiative, product or service already in action that’s tackling a sustainability problem, or you know someone else whose brilliant work deserves recognition, we want to hear from you. This year, the Awards will recognize initiatives in four key areas. Read more about our focus for 2017

  • Farm to Table: In this category, we are looking for inspiring entrepreneurs who are working on sustainable initiatives relating to food and drink production right through to consumption.
  • Opportunities for Women: We are seeking initiatives that help to tackle the discrimination and disadvantages millions of women face around the world.
  • Waste: Are there entrepreneurs out there with ingenious initiatives that help to tackle waste – to reduce, reuse or recycle waste throughout the pre-production, production and consumption lifecycle?
  • Water: Are you working on an initiative that tackles water scarcity, or one that addresses water pollution or sanitation and hygiene issues?
We are living in a world where temperatures are rising, water shortages are more frequent, food supplies are increasingly scarce and the gap between rich and poor is increasing. We can overcome these challenges and build a bright future for everyone if we work together. But to do this, the world needs a plan. These Awards recognize 18 to 35-year-olds who are putting ideas into action.


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