In Brief: The Dyson blade-less fans is a combination of Dyson’s air purification, heating and cooling products rolled into one all-powerful air-multiplier. The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link can purify the air in rooms and keep them at a comfortable temperature all year round, without the need for separate devices.

Dyson, a consumer electronics company famous for its line of vacuum cleaners, has also shown success with its blade-less fan technology called the Dyson Air Multiplier. The fan is known for its unusual characteristic as it doesn’t have any visible blades. It appears to be a circular tube mounted on a pedestal. The shallow tube is only a few inches deep.

Technology Highlights

  • Sensors inside the machine automatically detect pollutants and changes in air conditions, to adjust airflow and maintain the air quality. Live indoor air quality is reported to the accompanying Dyson Link App, which is available for Android and iOS. The app also allows users to set air quality target levels, view air quality history and view the outdoor air quality in a location of their choice.

  • Dyson says the Pure Hot+Cool Link is able to capture 99.97 percent of potentially harmful particles, such as pollen, mold and bacteria, as small as 0.3 microns. To do so, it uses a 360-degree Glass HEPA filter, which combines borosilicate microfibers, carbon granules and a perforated acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) shroud to filter the air.
  • Users can control the desired heat level and airflow. The purified air is then conditioned to the target temperature and streamed out into the room using the same Air Multiplier technology that has been used by Dyson’s other fans since 2009 and by its heaters since 2011. The system releases air through a jet and accelerates it over an airfoil in one direction out of the fan, subsequently magnifying the stream by pulling more air through from the other side.

The Pure Hot+Cool Link also oscillates to “project and circulate” the treated air across and around the room. A sleep timer and remote control come in handy in allowing users to set intervals for the device to run.

According to Dyson, the stream of air generated by the Air Multiplier is more consistent and steady than one from a standard fan with blades. This is attributed to the absence of rotating blades, so the breeze from the fan doesn’t buffet you with short gusts of air.


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