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The Identity Ring – it remembers your passwords, credit cards, and more (Video)

There are many kinds of smart rings in the market. Some help with fitness tracking, smart payments, and so many other functions. However, none yet has the ability to function as your personal identification. This is where Token hits the market.

Token has developed a biometric ring that can be used to authenticate your identity. This means it can be used to make credit card transactions, open doors and start cars. It stores personal information, like credit cards and digital passwords. To make this possible, they have integrated their platform with an impressive list of powerful incumbents including MasterCard, Microsoft, Apple, Visa and HID . . .


Technology Highlights

  • A fingerprint scanner and optical sensor embedded in the ring are key to its functions. Wearing the ring on the appropriate finger activates it. The device is secured by fingerprint, which is required to give the wearer access to the information stored on it. The optical sensor recognizes when the ring has been taken off and the ring will lock. The ring can only be used with one finger.
  • You will need the Token App when you add or remove security credentials. The Token app runs on iOS and Android devices, and this is what you use to manage your credentials. However, the Token doesn’t rely on your phone for daily use. It can function for about three weeks on a single charge and it makes use of NFC and Bluetooth signals.

At the center of its technology is the question of security and its partnership with major financial institutions like MasterCard and Visa gives them some foothold here. No doubt, providing a well-received security framework for using the device will be key to its commercial success. The ring can be pre-ordered on the website.


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