• Deadline: 31 August 2017
  • Open to: Students all over the world


Founded by forward thinkers and innovators, iPrice Group was established with the aim to improve the online shopping experience for both consumers and online merchants. As we reach our 3rd year anniversary come October 2017, we would like to celebrate the occasion by inspiring the innovators of tomorrow by launching the iPrice Innovators’ Grant.

This grant is a special initiative for students both in high schools and in tertiary education to become a problem solver in real life by sharing how e-commerce can help improve the quality of life for all. By the 14 October 2017, 5 winners will be chosen and be given grants worth up to USD $ 1,500.


Regardless if you’re in high school or in your tertiary education, we would love to hear your innovative ideas. Unveil the innovator within you.

You are required to answer this question by writing an essay between 1,000 to 2,000 words: How do you think e-commerce can be utilized to resolve issues that is faced by people today?

Only one individual is allowed per-application.

Your essay should:

  • Highlight a specific challenge or difficulties faced by real individuals or an organization;
  • Describe how can e-commerce help overcome the mentioned issues.

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Note: Always refer to the official site of the listed openings as directed. This is for proper information and provisional application. See our portal for more resources and freely share with whoever may find some of these relevant to their work . . .

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