Google glasses have been re-introduced to the market with a special focus on enterprise clientele. The current Google Enterprise Edition has found successful applications in aviation, manufacturing, medicare, etc. 

Google glasses were initially promoted as a consumer electronic device and this didn’t work out so well. It raised privacy concerns giving the device a some stigma it could not overcome. In 2015, the device went off sale and the official word promised future versions of Glass would reappear.

Further developments focused on a glass specifically designed for the workplace with practical workplace applications that save time and money. For the last two years, the development team has been working with a variety of companies to find ways of incorporating the device across a broad spectrum of businesses.

Today the Glass Enterprise Edition is now available to more businesses through a network of expert partners. The hardware has been improved, battery life extended, camera upgraded and the entire design re-imagined . . .


Workers at AGCO, an agricultural machinery manufacturer are using Glass Enterprise Edition. By reducing the amount of back and forth workers have to do accessing checklists, viewing instruction manuals or sending photos from tablets or laptops as they assemble machines, Glass has reduced machinery production time by 25 percent and inspection times by 30 percent. (Credit: Glass)


Using Glass with Augmedix, doctors at Sutter Health estimate that they have reduced the amount of time they spend on electronic health record keeping by around two hours a day. (Credit: Glass)


According to the Project Lead of Glass, Jay Kothari on Medium, “GE was one of the first businesses to experience the benefits of Glass in the workplace. Now, there are more than 50 businesses, including AGCO, DHL, Dignity Health, NSF International, Sutter Health,The Boeing Company, and Volkswagen, who have been using Glass to complete their work faster and more easily than before.”

AGCO – one of the companies using the new enterprise edition, has reduced machinery production time by about 25 percent. Employees can now immediately access checklists, instruction manuals and make reports much more efficiently using Glass.

DHL – say Glass has increased its supply chain efficiency by 15 percent. As they can immediately deliver location information to a picker in the warehouse, recommend the best pick path, and generally make the entire job run more efficiently.

The Google Glasses has always made sense as an enterprise-focused product. It isn’t a surprise that the new Glass Enterprise Edition designed specially for the professional or industrial workplace is turning out to be incredibly useful. We look forward to a lot of progress in this space.  See video of glass in action below . . .


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