A Chinese startup pushes the boundaries of A.I. interventions in retail as it launches a handful of mobile staff-less convenience stores where customers open the door and pay the bill with their phone.

Late last year, Amazon showed off its fully automated Amazon Go store concept. While we await the a full scale roll-out of the Amazon Go, a Chinese company has gone full steam to launch a number of staff-less, mobile grocery stores that wants to shake up your shopping routine.

BingoBox let’s franchisers wheel their mobile shop pods wherever they like.

Bingobox - Amazon Go style store
This is a typical BingoBox store


Bingo Box
Shoppers use the popular messaging app, WeChat to open the doors and register with BingBox.


Bingo Box
A typical BingoBox store stocks hundreds of items including some fresh foods.



  • BingoBox runs on artificial intelligence technologies including product recognition and sorting algorithms. According to Chen Zilin the founder and CEO of BingoBox, the technology has successfully recognized over 200 types of products.
  • To use BingoBox you simply start-off by registering using the WeChat app, this lets you use your smartphone to unlock any BingoBox door. You can then choose from hundreds of items, and pay at a self service point still using WeChat or Alibaba’s mobile wallet app, Alipay when you leave.
  • A human staffer is needed for stock-taking and refilling purposes – which the startup claims can be done in just 20 minutes. The startup is trying to woo franchise owners with the promise that only four staffers are needed to run 40 stores.

Bingobox has only opened a handful of stores, but it plans to deploy 5,000 of them by the end of the year. The prevalence of both WeChat and Alipay in China may mean an easy widespread consumer adoption of stores like Bingobox.

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