Motorola is working on a new technology for self-healing screens that could see cracks on your phone fixed on the spot. It recently applied for a patent on a phone screen whose shape memory polymer heals damage when you subject it to rapid changes in heat.


In a patent filed February 2017, Motorola explains how a phone screen made out of shape memory polymer could heal itself. The self-healing screens would be able to detect deformations and heat would be applied to the cracked areas to reverse the damage that has been done.

Motorola Patent

The phone itself could produce the heat (Motorola even envisions an app that tells the phone where to start repairs), but your body heat, a dock or a plug-in panel might also work.

Motorla Patent


In what seems like a dream for anyone who has ever smashed a phone screen, this could pave the way for an inexpensive fix for your problems. However, according to the patent, the heat reaction on the screen can’t promise to fix all of the damages.

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Like any new technology, there are a few caveats: First, this is just a patent application and there is no guarantee that Motorola or its parent company Lenovo will be releasing a fully functional self-healing screen soon. Secondly, there are other questions hurdles expected such as possible price points, the look and feel of this memory polymer compared to the glass phone screens that we are accustomed to, etc. Whatever happens, this looks like a step in the right direction for mobile phones.

What are shape-memory polymers? These are specially designed materials that return to a pre-defined shape when heated to a certain temperature . . . read more

Motorola Mobility? Motorola Mobility is an American consumer electronics and telecommunications company founded in 2011 as the result of a split by Motorola Inc

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