Lilium a German flying car company have just launched a successful concept flight of its vertical take-off and landing vehicles, with the goal of eventually enabling people to  get a high-speed flight around cities.


Lilium, a company that develops vertical take-off and landing vehicles (VTOL), has already built a full-scale prototype flying car, which flew for the first time in April this year. Now the Europe-based company is working on building some business for these futuristic jets.


SEE a video of the maiden flight:

The company is about to make the ‘flying cars’ eventually become a reality.


Remo Gerber, hired to be Lilium’s chief commercial officer is instrumental to the success of Lilium’s long-term plan to become the flying version of Uber by creating an on-demand network of VTOL jets. The jets would take off and land from pads throughout cities.

The ride-hail company is shooting to demonstrate its network of flying cars in Dubai and Texas by 2020.

(A sneak peak into the Lilium workshop – Image Credit: Lilium)


(A Dragon Prototype in Flight – Image Credit: Lilium)


Which other company has ambitions of flying vehicles?

Lilium is not the only company with ambitions for a flying car service. One way or another, they are up in competition against the likes of Airbus A3, EHang, Terrafragia, Kitty Hawk, Volocopter, etc . . .


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