Health care startup Virta is creating  a new type of treatment for type 2 diabetes. This new treatment is built around personalized nutrition and constant contact with a medical professional

Diabetes is a worldwide epidemic. In the United States alone,  about 29 million people suffer from the disease. Virta, a new health care startup, claims that it can stamp out the condition for good. They put patients on a nutrition plan that cuts out sugar and bad carbohydrates. To ensure safe compliance with this dietary plan, Patients are kept in constant contact with a trained physician, exchanging text messages and engaging in video calls as often as every day.

Each patient’s plan is customized to suit their situation. These customized plan includes everything from their food intake, to their recommended activity levels, to their medication. Preliminary trials look promising with about 85% of participants completely stopping insulin intake or reducing their dosage.

See a promotional video of their work below:



Here is an info-graphic from the CDC showing the incidence of diabetes in the U.S.

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