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A.I. & Music

World’s first AI-generated music album puts human composers on notice

A music album called I AM AI, is believed to be the first AI-generated music album. It is entirely composed and produced by...
Cracked screen

Self-healing screens detailed by new Motorola patent application

Motorola is working on a new technology for self-healing screens that could see cracks on your phone fixed on the spot. It recently applied...

FUN QUIZ: How many Presidents do you know?

Enjoy this short trivia that will test your knowledge of the current Presidents serving in different countries across the world . . . SEE ALSO: ...
Robotic eel

See: Robotic eel designed for environmental services in water (Video)

Robotics researchers at Switzerland's EPFL have produced an Envirobot, a robotic eel built to swim through contaminated water to deliver programmed environmental services. Researchers at...