IKEA brings some revolutionary augmented reality app that will completely change the way you shop for your home.

The furniture giant IKEA now allows its customers to use advanced technology that will help them preview the set of furniture they intend to purchase. They can see how it will match in-side the room by simply pointing their camera at the space they want to fill.

The app will superimpose a properly scaled and aligned image of the desired item into the user’s view. The long-awaited release of Apple’s iOS 11 update is slated for October, and with it will come Apple ARKit, the handheld augmented reality playing field that made IKEA Place possible.

Until then, take a look at some amazing preview:



This is how it works: Customers flip through the print catalog, and when they come across a plus symbol on a page, they hover their phone or tablet over it until a screen pops up asking them to scan the images on the page.



At that point users will see the bonus features, which could be a 360-degree view of a room, videos, additional product information, or the option to place a piece of furniture in their room.

Links: Apple ARKit


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