Australian firm recently demonstrated the potential of a unique carbon capture and storage system, that converts stored carbon into viable building materials.

Mineral Carbonation International (MCI) is an Australian based company which is developing a unique technology for carbon utilization (CU). They apply the mineral carbonation processes to produce carbonate bricks that can be used in the construction industry. This revolutionary project, has been under development for the past four years now, with help from The University of Sydney and Columbia University. By 2020, MCi expects a full-scale production plant to be up and running.


Carbon Emissions
Carbon capture technologies target large scale industrial emissions. In addition to this, MCi is also looking at ambient carbon capture technologies


Carbon Capture
These carbonates are produced from CO2 and can be used in cements and building materials. (Credit: MCI)


Carbonat Bricks
Carbonate Bricks


Sophia MCI
COO Sophia Hamlin Wang with an Experimental CO2 Brick (Image Credit: MCI)

Carbon capture and storage is a leading option for reducing green house emission. It offers a way to lock down carbon dioxide wastes and prevent them from escaping into the atmosphere. Mineral carbonation is an hour-long process that involves binding CO2 with crushed serpentinite, turning it into solid carbonates.

As interest in green architecture and engineering grows, MCi expects a huge demand for this material. This would assist as a transition technology for the major emitting countries as they move away from carbon intensive power generation and industry.


See video on mineral carbonation below:


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