MIT researchers have invented a new clothing that ventilates when exposed to moisture. The shirt was developed with technology that applies the power of bacteria.

Some scientist are changing the way we cool our bodies when we sweat. MIT bio-engineer, Wen Wang, teamed up with her colleagues to use shape-shifting bacteria on fabricsĀ to make it moisture sensitive. The result is a cloth that can ventilates whenever it senses sweat.

The new clothing fabric comprises of a triple-layer system with responsive vents. This was designed using the Bacillus subtilis, a bacteria found in soil. Volunteers wearing the shirt were monitored while running and cycling, and after some minutes, the vents within the shirt began opening up, allowing inflow of air for the sweat to evaporate and lowering the body temperatures of the wearer.

Ventilating Shirts
A sample of the auto-ventilating shirt


You can see a the video below:

The clothes will have to be made washable as the move forward with plans to commercialize the technology.

Links: MIT News


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