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Amabrush – gives you Automatic toothbrush in 10 seconds (video)

Brushing is an activity that comes relatively unnoticed. One may wonder what innovation could we find in this space. However, a new tech on the block is bringing convenience and effectiveness to this activity.

Amabrush has developed an automatic tooth brushing device that reportedly cleans your teeth in 10 seconds, with a motor doing all the work. According to its makers, the Amabrush simulates the bass method of brushing, which is recommended by dentists. The 10 secs may not sound like much, but when you consider that each tooth is cleaned for that long – a cleaning with a regular toothbrush may last longer, but the toothbrush isn’t brushing all the teeth at once . . .


Technology Highlights

  • The Mouthpiece cleans the teeth. It is made of antibacterial silicone that kills 99.99% of all bacteria and features 3D-arranged bristles on both sides. It is soft enough to prevent gum damage but strong enough to clean your teeth precisely. you rinse after use, as you would do it with regular toothbrushes. This flexible mouthpiece has built-in micro-channels that transport the toothpaste to your teeth and it comes in a single size that fits all.
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  • The Hand-piece contains all of the complex electronics circuitry. It creates vibrations with an amplitude of about 9.5G to oscillate the bristles and clean your teeth. A unique algorithm ensures the generation of different vibrations. This results in a coordinated movement of the bristles, which are designed to have different resonant frequencies.
  • The Tooth-paste capsules are simply placed into the hand-piece, automatically providing a specific amount of toothpaste each time to the mouth-piece. A single capsule lasts for more than a month and is available in three different, FDA-approved varieties: Extra Fresh (blue), Whitening (white) and Sensitive (rose – without fluoride). The toothpaste is specially formulated as it needs to be more liquid than regular ones.

Amabrush is designed with the intention to make tooth-brushing less annoying. Some people are lazy about brushing, while others hate it so much, that they do not concentrated enough, not long enough, not good enough, or not at all. Some on the other hand, simply cannot brush correctly at all, because they are not able to do so. Through successful commercialization of this product, Amabrush hopes to bring right tooth-brushing for everyone and automatically!

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