Scotland is joining the expanding list of governments that are testing the Universal Basic Income. They have signaled interest in funding local UBI experiments to test the policy’s potential for success.

Governments and private organizations around the world are experimenting with the economic concept of a Universal Basic Income (UBI). These trials are looking into different ways in which citizens will receive a guaranteed salary from the government regardless of social status or any other factor.

Lots of people have indicated support for this idea as a viable solution to extreme poverty, unsustainable income inequality and unrelenting unemployment. There are currently UBI experiments seriously considered in areas of the United States, Canada, Germany, Finland, and Scotland is joining that list:


Nicola Sturgeon
The First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, is open to the widespread adoption of UBI policies stating that it β€œis an idea that merits deeper consideration.” (Image Credit: The Telegraph)

According to Jamie Cook, Director of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce (RSA), β€œThis is a significant opportunity for Scotland to be a global leader in social policy innovation, and to work with other pilots across the world to develop robust evaluation of UBI as a response to the challenges we face. We look forward to working with Scottish Government and other parties in taking this forward.”

Developing into a society where the majority of previously human-held jobs will be accomplished by machines, the possibility of the UBI should be assessed in different forms and not dismissed before a fair trial.

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