Panasonic just showed a potential new addition to the smart home – the movable fridge. This fridge can come to the dinning table when called and will return to its cubicle when no longer needed.

Appliances in our homes are getting smarter with the help of smart technologies – voice recognition, motion detection sensors, among others. These are what the new Panasonic movable refrigeration units are built on.

The Movable Fridge is designed to be voice responsive and can safely move around the house without bumping into furniture, pets, or other obstacles.


Panasonic Fridge
The whole unit looks like it’s battery-powered, it recharges when it returns back to its cubicle. (Image credit: Panasonic)


The Movable Fridge concept has a mixture of smart tech features – it makes use of sensors to gauge its surroundings and map the room, it responds to the Alexa or Cortana voice command, as it is able to detect where the call is from in the room and avoid any obstacles on its way to the person calling it.

The company will be using the IFA to showcase the product concept and gauge consumer interest. The video below shows the Movable Fridge concept in action:


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