Roborace has revealed the world’s first driver-less electric racing car – dubbed robocar. The features of the vehicle were unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Motorsport is getting set for the unstoppable rise of artificial intelligence. The new Robocar was developed in a little under a year but has an array of impressive technological features that take advantage of the Nvidia’s Drive PX2 brain (the open AI car computing platform capable of 24 trillion AI operations per second.)


Technology Features

  • The car is powered by five LiDAR sensors, 18 ultrasonic sensors, six AI cameras and GNSS positioning – it reaches speeds of 320kph. This entire system uses deep learning for 360-degree situational awareness around the car, working to determine precisely where the car is and to create its trajectory.
  • The Robocar features four motors packing 300kW of power, each weighing in at 975kg. The car measures 4.8m long and 2m wide. UK-based electric truck firm Charge will provide electronics and motors for the futuristic cars.


The idea is that racing teams in future will all use the same Robocars, developing their own AI driverless software.

Links: Roborace


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