Madgeburg Water Bridge – Germany

An outstanding fit of engineering, the Magdeburg Water Bridge is a large navigable aqueduct in central Germany. It allows large commercial ships to pass between the Rhineland and Berlin. Read more



The Jiaozhou Bay Bridge – China

Good speed your car does not breakdown in the middle of this bridge. It is one of the longest bridges in the world over water. It is a 26.7 km long roadway bridge in eastern China’s Shandong province. Read more



The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway – Louisiana, USA

Since 1969, it was listed by Guinness World Records as the longest bridge over water in the world; in 2011because of the new Jiaozhou Bay Bridge (Above), Guinness World Records created two categories for bridges over water: Lake Pontchartrain Causeway then became the longest bridge over water (continuous) while Jiaozhou Bay Bridge the longest bridge over water (aggregate). Read more



The Huangjuewan Flyover – Chongqing, China

This could be one of the worst places to find yourself on a wrong lane. The labyrinth of lanes and ramps that go in different directions connects the city, the airport, and an expressway. It took almost a decade to complete. Read more



Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange – Carlifornia, USA

Whatever this is, one can only shudder on how this masterpiece has been in use successfully since the 90s. A signature of the American freeway, it is one of the most iconic stack interchanges in the world Read more

Beautiful Roads

Bridges lubricate the wheels of modern transportation and a leisure trip to a city is not complete without visit to the beautiful the ones. They remind us of the splendid possibilities we accomplish working together.

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