A new kind of outerwear called, Petit Pli, is designed to expand in size as your child grows. It just won the UK James Dyson Award and is slated to come to market.

Children grow fast and change their clothes faster too. This is a basic clothing challenge for kids every parent is all too aware of and this is the challenge Ryan Mario Yasin, a design engineer with a degree in aeronautical engineering is taking on with Petit Pli.

In Petit Pli, Yasin, used his scientific and engineering background to come up with a series of clothing designed for kids that would actually “grow” with them. See a video on this below:



The clothing is designed to fit kids aged four to 36 months, what this means in terms of clothing is that as a child grows, the material will be able to stretch and “grow” with the child.


Yasin hopes to work with manufacturers with high ethical standards as he brings Petit Pli to the market. Additional styles of clothing, with perhaps more childlike colors and appeal are also planned beyond the pictured prototypes.

Links: James Dyson Awards, Petit Pli


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