A company Pentatonic is creating some buzz with their amazing range of furniture and products created from food, electrical, plastic and textile waste. The company aims to “radically transform consumption culture”

Many recycling companies are promoting a circular economy, where used goods can find a new life and waste generation is minimized. Very few show the amazing range and products aesthetics displayed by this innovative new company, Pentatonic.

The company showcased its first set of furniture formed from recycled smartphones, bottles, food, etc. They work with an adapted injection-moulding process to transform these waste materials into home ware. Furthermore, a buy back system guarantees customers that their purchased items will be bought back and once again recycled into new editions.


Here are some photos and video on this:




When it comes to making the furniture, the type of rubbish used is determined by its properties. Typical examples include smartphones, cans and cigarette butts. The waste is washed and sorted before being shredded into pellets, to create a new material ready to be formed into furniture. They also apply number of precision manufacturing technologies.

The company is led by Jamie Hall and Johann Boedecker.

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