Spectacular buildings provide memorable landmarks and can absolutely define a place. In a combination of new & old world architecture, check out some perhaps lesser known iconic structures from around the world.




Wonder Works – Orlando, Florida

WonderWorks is an entertainment center focused on science exhibits with five locations in the United States. The company’s slogan is “Let Your Imagination Run Wild”. Read More

Wonder Works Orlando



Habitat  67 – Montreal, Canada

Located at 2600 Avenue Pierre-Dupuy on the Marc-Drouin Quay next to the Saint Lawrence River. Habitat 67 is widely considered an architectural landmark and one of the most recognizable and spectacular buildings in both Montreal and Canada. Read More

Habitat 67
Habitat 67, as seen from street level
Habitat 67
Habitat 67 as seen from Montreal’s port



The Lotus Temple, New Delhi

The Lotus Temple is a Bahá’í House of Worship in New Delhi consisting of 27 structures resembling petals of the lotus flower that open onto a central hall around 40m high. It’s surface is made of white marble from Mount Pentelicus in Greece, the same marble used to build the Parthenon. Read More

Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple



The Piano House – Huainan, China

This unusual Piano and Violin shaped building built in 2007 serves as showroom for exhibiting the plans for newly created district of Shannan in Huainan City, China. Read More

Piano House



The Basket Building – Ohio, United States

The old Longaberger corporate headquarters on State Route 16 is a local landmark and a well-known example of novelty architecture, since it takes the shape of the company’s biggest seller, the “Medium Market Basket”. Read More



National Stadium – Beijing, China

Known as the Bird’s nest, the stadium was designed for use throughout the 2008 Summer Olympics and Paralympics and will be used again in the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Read More

National Stadium China



Polygone Riviera, France

Building with the Head between two floors is part of the Polygone Riviera shopping center; It made its grand opening in October 2015, after three years of construction. Read More



Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort fronting Marina Bay in Singapore. At its opening in 2010, it was billed as the world’s most expensive standalone casino property at S$8 billion. Read More

Marina Bay Sands



The Atomium, Brussels

The Atomium is a building in Brussels originally constructed for Expo 58, the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair. Designed by the engineer André Waterkeyn and architects André and Jean Polak. It is now a museum. Read More

The Atomium



Harbin Opera House – China

The bold and beautiful Harbin Opera House looks like an extension of the surrounding wetlands, waterways, and snowy terrain. Read More
Habin Opera House
Habin Opera House

In no particular order, these buildings you should know stand out as iconic. Like all great works of art they inspire us and stretch our minds to new possibilities.


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