Imagine walking into a museum just to find an ancient picture looking just like you? This is what happened to these people. Some say they are time travelers, others just believe we are all a repetition of history.

You need to see this for yourself – a list people who found their doppelgangers in ancient artworks and prepared captivating selfies next to their twins:



Made an interesting discovery at the art museum today – Reddit user goes on to pose in same outfit with his spitting resemblance from history pepesilvia



Twitter user found her baby resembles the painting of Akseli Gallen-Kallela’s “Impi Marjatta with Kapperi Dog,” from 1892. Baby’s doppelganger at the gallery – Hifrienditsme



Now, that’s quite a resemblance from the Dayton Art Institute: Portrait of a Man Holding a Letter (c. 1530-40), attributed to Francesco Salviati. – DaytonArt



He found his Doppelganger on his way to Paris, in the Louvre – Imgur



Forgot my helmet! 17th-century Doppelgänger Norton Simon Museum – Ross Duffin



So thrilled to just be a striking resemblance of King Henry the 8th (the Tudors king?) – Scrmedia



Another doppelganger at the Louvre. Íñigo Melchor De Velasco – Joahdato



Now this is some historic doppelganger time – Blor-Utar



Face To Face With Yourself In A Museum – Davidurbon


Life has strange coincidences, if you find. Meeting your resemblance in real life or in history is just one of those experiences.

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