Seaweed farms for making bio fuels have seen an investment of nearly $1.5million from the United State Department of Energy

As researchers and scientists all across the world are looking into renewable energy sources for a better future, seaweed is getting noted to have a huge potential in the emerging clean economy. It grows very fast and does not need freshwater, fertilizers or pesticides and can convert sunlight into chemical energy which can be used in several important applications.




Most of the world’s seaweed is produced in large sea-based farms off the coasts of Asian countries including China, Japan, etc. It is largely dried and used for food, animal feed and industrial applications such as thickeners for making toothpaste, etc. However, the promise of processing seaweed into commercial bio-fuel is now the target of intensive research.


A seaweed farmer in Nusa Lembongan (Indonesia) gathers edible seaweed that has grown on a rope.

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