Scientists have developed a promising adhesive, a surgical glue that can greatly enhance emergency treatment of body injuries by sealing up the cut without the need for threads and staples.

An international team of researchers announced the development of a special surgical glue that can seal-up a wound in 60 seconds, while still allowing the natural expansion and contraction of the tissues where it is applied. It can be applied to internal and external injuries  to seal them up and encourage healing.

Surgical sealants are not new, but often they are found to have low adhesion, inappropriate mechanical strength, among other defiecincies that make them inconvenient. This new sealant is changing that. It is based on methacryloyl-substituted tropoelastin (MeTro for short), a hybrid elastic protein that enables it solidify to a gel-like phase immediately it comes in contact with tissue surface. This is greatly increase its effectiveness, as in most emergency cases, time is of essence as patients can rapidly lose large amounts of blood.

See video below:

Furthermore, the research also asserts that injuries treated with MeTro appear to heal-up in half the time compared with the ones treated with stitches or staples.

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