California based Zero Motorcycles released its 2018 models showing 10% longer range and quick charging — about 6 times faster.

The 2018 electric motorcycle lineups from Zero motorcycle promises improved capabilities of its bikes with a higher range and reduced charging times. These motorcycles can be recharged in an hour when plugged into a level1 110 V outlet, while larger batteries found in the SR and DSR can be charged in about two hours using a level2 charger.


According to Zero the improved electric motorcycle models are going to be the most technologically advanced electric motorcycles on the planet.

See video below:


Furthermore, you can now update your bike’s firmware through Zero’s mobile app, this means you can improve your performance on the go. For those with eyes more on speed than on any other thing, this motorcycle will be able to give you an edge over other motorcycles, and as claimed by zero, and edge even over cars.

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