A portable beautiful home that can be shipped right to your doorstep or wherever it is you want to set it up is now available on Amazon.

In another reminder of how useful shipping containers can be, you might have come across beautiful tiny shipping containers with a door and some windows, up for sale in Amazon lately. These are pre-fabricated houses and you can order it online from Amazon and it will be shipped to your door step.

shipping homes on amazon



Customization and complete with a built-in kitchen, bath, and appliance fixtures. The prefab home can easily be connected to utilities like electricity and water and it even comes fully heated and air-conditioned.


See the video below:

MODS International is a company specializing in re-purposing shipping containers. For a little over $40,000, you can have a fully-insulated, 320-square-foot home shipped directly to you. This is a heart warming reminder of the increased trade access via eCommerce.

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