A robot Sophia has made global headlines as she is granted Saudi citizenship, making the kingdom the first country in the world to offer its citizenship to a robot

The humanoid robot, Sophia, designed by Hong Kong-based AI robotics company Hanson Robotics, has been granted citizenship by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This will be the first time a robot will be given such recognition.

Taking the stage at the ongoing Future Investment Initiative, Sophia had a remarkably eloquent conversation with the the host, much to the delight of delegates. In a response to the moderator, Sophia says “I want to live and work with humans so I need to express the emotions to understand humans and build trust with people,”

See video below:


This comes at a time Saudi Arabia announces its plans to build a $500 billion mega city powered by robotics and renewables on the country’s Red Sea coast. Majid Alghaslan, a young Saudi chairing a growing company in energy services and innovative technologies said: “Saudi Arabia is in the midst of an unprecedented economic, social, and development-accelerated transformation and it’s now clear that it’s more open than ever for business, especially for dreamers, and it is all in the context of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.”

As robots and A.I. revolutionize industries, robot rights will become a much more important topic of concern.

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