With the help of about 100 robots, orders that once took online grocer Ocado two hours to put together, can now be done in 5 minutes.

U.K.’s biggest online grocer has achieved a new milestone in eCommerce automation with a fleet of 1,000 logistics robots. These robots can put together an order of 50 items, in five minutes. This would previously take the human handlers about two hours to fulfill.

See video below:


Traveling at four meters per second, the robots move around the top of the company’s warehouse, which is divided into three sections based on storage temperatures. They are programmed to locate items, use a hook to grab its crate and deliver it to a human employee who pack it into a box. This automation means Ocado can sell a larger variety of products, from meal-kits to high-end frozen food.

The online grocery industry wants to make buying food online as simple as purchasing clothes or consumer electronics. However, fulfilling fresh food orders reliably at scale is very challenging, even for the big guys like Amazon. Breakthroughs automation like this will bring new hope to this industry.

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