The new ‘Performance S’ from Volkner Mobil is a stunning ‘motorhome’ designed for luxury on the go. It features a garage that can comfortably house second vehicle.

The German luxury caravan maker, Volkner Mobil, just debuted the latest model in their successful Performance series of ‘motorhomes’. This one is called Performance S and is basically a 5-star hotel that moves with you along your luxury trip. The 40-foot vehicle comes with a sleek and stunning interior design, it has a double bed, a kitchen, bathroom and a spacious lounge area.

To add versatility to this sleek compact design, the Performance S has a garage that can comfortably house a second vehicle, your likes of Ferrari, BMW, etc. With the right budget in place, mobile leisure is set to get even more luxurious, making the prospects of a well planned road trips even more exciting.

See some mouth watering interior pictures:



See Video below:


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