Butterfly Network has unveiled a new hand held device called iQ with which you can now perform an ultrasound using a smartphone.

A startup led by renowned inventor, Jonathan Rothberg, recently unveiled a new device called the iQ. A proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) integration allows the device work with a regular smartphone to perform an¬†ultrasound. This ads to the growing trend in miniaturized medical diagnostic devices and you don’t need a lab technician to show you how to use the iQ.

See some demo pics below:

iQ ultrasound
Image Credit: Butterfly Network


iQ ultrasound
Image Credit: Butterfly Network

The iQ may be upending a 40-year-old technology and some inspiration from innovative cosmic imaging technology came in handy to achieve this. Regular ultrasounds makes use of compressed charged crystals to send out a sound, pick up an echo to create an image. However, the iQ, uses capacitive micromachine ultrasound transducers (CMUTs) in place of these crystals. This is combined with algorithms originally designed for enhancing cosmic imaging by bundling data from thousands of telescopes.

See video below:

John Martin, the chief medical officer at Butterfly network says that giving people the ability to easily perform an ultrasound on the go takes us closer to effective self-directed health monitoring. According to WIRED, he used the iQ to identify a tumor under his own throat, which has since been removed. For now, the iQ can only be pre-ordered by licensed healthcare providers, hopefully someday it will be available to all.

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