The new portable Prynt modular unit can allow you print instant photos from your Android device

The old Polaroid style cameras are back and Prynt has been pushing this come back, though in a new digital incarnation. In 2015, Prynt launched a modular add-on unit designed to print instant photos from your smartphones on the go. This first product was quickly followed up with the much more portable Prynt Pocket. The Android and iPhone compatible versions are largely the same as they allow the phone dock fittingly into the unit.

See some pictures below:Prynt Instant Photo


Prynt Instant Photo


The Prynt Pocket makes use of its own proprietary printing paper using the ZINK ink-free thermal printing technology. A fun feature of the new Prynt device is its use of augmented reality, with which you simply make a short video from which a still image generated. Then when you view the printed photo with the app, it displays the moving video.

See video below:

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