Dracula Technologies have designed a thin and flexible solar cell that can be printed using an inkjet printer. This can be used to charge cell phones with ambient light.

Smartphones are now a concrete feature of contemporary life. We use it for everything from communications, to monitoring other devices. This has opened up new frontiers for research, including research on effective ways to keep these devices charged. From innovations in wireless device charging to experiments on phones without batteries, the race is on to bring far reaching everyday solutions to this constraint.

Showing some promise in this space is LAYER (Light As Your Energetic Response) from Dracula Technologies. They are essentially thin, flexible solar cells that can be printed using an inkjet printer and can capture energy from both solar and artificial light.

See video below:

They are cost effective and can be applied in a number of ways. They can be printed on the electronic device itself, t-shirts, backpacks or on a larger sheet to capture more light and then connected to the device for charging. They can be considerably customized in shape and color.

As the team works to shorten the time it takes the LAYER to charge a typical cell phone, we look forward to the commercial success of the product soon.

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