The water ball, named “Ooho!” caused an internet sensation as ‘edible water bottles’ that could someday replace the millions of environmentally damaging plastic bottles.

Skipping Rocks Lab is an interesting UK based start-up focused on developing sustainability technologies. They created an internet sensation with their flagship product Ooho – a special adaptation of edible water bottles.

See video below:


Ooho is a biodegradable membrane that creates totally edible packets of fresh water. This unusual tech for edible water bottles, is based on seaweed extracts and is tasteless. It involves dipping a ball of ice in a mixture of calcium chloride and brown algae extract. When the ice melts, the membrane stays intact, containing the ball of water. This membrane can also be seen as a plant based packaging i.e. a fruit peel that can be discarded and used in composting.

A campaign on crowdfunding site CrowdCube  has been generously over subscribed with investments spiking since images of the Ooho! balls went viral.



Links: CrowdCube, SkippingRocksLab


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