An unmanned police station is to open in Wuhan, China. This station will be run by artificial intelligence as China maintains its ambition for global leadership in A.I. by 2030.

China announced plans to setup an unmanned police station that will be powered by artificial intelligence. This station is billed for Wuhan, one of its capital cities. From the reports, the AI powered station will be designed to focus on traffic related issues – driver’s examinations. registration services, etc.

Facial recognition technologies will be key here, with citizens using their face as an ID card. See prototype simulator in picture below:

A simulated driving test (Credit: Caijing Neican)

Advanced public automation like this AI police station in China will present new risks and challenges. Beyond the usual implication of loss of jobs, increased security exposure to bad hackers, high level organized crime is an issue and all these should be adequately addressed as the world embraces A.I. at all levels of society.

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