“Plantscrapers” designed by Swedish company, Plantagon, can become functional buildings for offices or residential, and yet remain a source food for thousands of people every year.

Humans are increasingly living in urban cities and this directly increases the challenge of making locally-produced, fresh food available. Plantagon, a food-tech company based in Sweden, is weighing in on this with their technology driven solution of “plantscrapers” or “green skyscrapers”.

These unique buildings are designed to contain massive indoor farms while serving functional purposes as offices, residential apartments, etc. The first of its kind, called The World Food Building, was started in 2012 at Linkoping, Sweden and should be completed by 2020.


See some pictures below:

This innovative “green skyscraper” will deploy Plantagon’s patented technology to produce about 500 metric tons of organic food yearly. (Credit: Plantagon)


Advanced robotics will be used to regulate plant development (Credit: Plantagon)


The plants in The World Food Building will be grown using hydroponics. For optimum performance, the whole process from water to nutrition, temperature, lighting, etc. will be measured and controlled autonomously. The building is estimated to cost about $40 million to construct. If The World Food Building delivers on its promises, then we can expect to see other cities join the “plantsrcapers” movement.


See video below:


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