Imagine wearing your clothes for weeks without washing and still have them fresh! The new Eco-friendly fabric technologies by an American fashion industry innovator is designed to do just that.

Clothing is a global $3 trillion industry and accounts for about 10% of global carbon emissions. With the current wave of clean-tech sweeping across several industries, innovative fashion techies are determined to cash-in on the new trend.

One company that has caught the attention of media outlets around the world is Ably Apparel. This Seattle-based company makes use of a patent-pending technology called Filium. This Eco-friendly fabric technology gives natural fabrics (cotton, silk, etc.) the ability to repel liquids without affecting their basic properties.


Ably Apparel
You can wear this for weeks without washing! Filium technology is used to produce this Eco-friendly top by American apparel company, Ably. (Image Credit: Ably Apparel)


See video demonstration below:


According to Ably Apparel, Filium is a safe technology. It does not use harmful chemicals or constituents that may be absorbed into the skin or the environment. Our hope is that this breakthrough proves commercially successful and that it eventually opens the doors for rapid progress in sustainable clothing.

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