Alibaba has announced plans to sell vehicles via enormous car vending machines. They are set to launch in Shangai and Nanjing, China.

The Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba, in partnership with Ford, is set to explore a new way of selling cars via massive car vending machines. Alibaba has unveiled plans to open two gigantic vending machine centers in Nanjing and Shanghai. At these centers, clients will have the opportunity to see, test and buy their choice cars.

The Taobao shopping app developed by Alibaba, also comes in handy as customers can scan a car that they are interested in, pick a color and enter some basic information. Reminiscent of the unmanned grocery stores technology, clients would also be required to take a selfie which would be used to identify the individual and the corresponding order, when they proceed to use the unmanned car vending machines.

See concept video below:



With a successful execution of the Shangai and Nanjin vending centers, the company hopes to open-up many more across China in the coming year. It should be noted, that other companies have deployed the car vending technology in selling cars, however, this move by Alibaba is closely watched as a large scale eCommerce solution to car retail.

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