Stratolaunch unveils the world’s largest airplane designed to carry rockets and launch them from the air

A new holder for the title of the world largest plane has emerged and it is in a league of its own. It runs on six massive engines and has a wingspan of 385-foot, this is longer than a football field and triples that of the Boeing737. It is not designed for passenger transportation, rather it is built to support space travel – to hoist satellites and rockets into outer space.

Stratolaunch was founded in 2011 by Paul Allen, the Microsoft co-founder. It is his vision that the company will develop technologies that will make it easier to access space. This successful runway test, paves the way for a successful test flight soon.

According to WIRED, “Launching spacecrafts from a runway rather than a pad means more flexibility, as well as lower cost. Rocket launches have tight windows of time, because orbital engineers have to wait for the Earth to rotate to the right point to reach a desired position in space. A giant plane is only limited by the availability of giant runways, and can take off whenever it likes.”


See some pictures of the world’s largest airplane below:


These tests were carried out at a the new Stratolaunch Mission Control Center (MCC) in the Mojave Air and Space Port, California.

Links:  Stratolaunch, WIRED


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