OPod Tube Housing are experimental, low cost, housing units developed by James Law Cybertecture to ease Hong Kong’s affordable housing problems.

Architectural, construction and design innovations has played a huge role in getting roofs over heads. When it comes to the homeless and vulnerable, some brilliant ideas are being tested in cities around the world. Opod Tube housing by JamesLaw Cybertecture is one of such innovative concepts. They are constructed out of low cost materials and come readily available in 2.5m diameter concrete water pipes.


Concrete Pipe Mini-housing
The design makes use of the strong concrete structure to house one/two persons with fully kitted out living, cooking and bathroom spaces. (Credit: JamesLaw Cybertecure)


Opod Micro-Housing Units
Each OPod Tube Houses are equipped with smart phone locks for online access as well as space saving furniture that maximizes the space inside. (Credit: James Law Cybertecture)


Opod Micro-Housing Units
OPod Tube Houses can be stacked one atop another and can also be relocated to different sites in the city. (Credit: James Law Cybertecture)


With new and emerging technologies in this space, house ownership could become much more affordable with good architectural trends like shipping container homes, modular structures and prefabricated dwellings.

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