Scare crows now have a robotic makeover. Japanese scientists have created solar powered ‘monster wolves’ that has demonstrated success in scaring away wild boars.

All through the ages, farmers have tried to protect their produce from ravaging wildlife. The scarecrow has been one of the most easily recognized ways of achieving this. In Japan, this famous way of scaring-off wildlife is getting some advanced technological makeover.

This is coming in the form of a high-tech terror inducing robot designed with a combination of the best in natural pest control and animatronics. It detects threatening wild animals with an infrared sensor and then scares the hell out of them with over 40 types of harrowing sounds and its demon inspired flashing red LED eyes.


These robotic makeover of scarecrows are designed to strike fear (Credit: TORU YAMANAKA)


According to the  Asahi Television reports,  it was designed for trials in keeping wild boar away from crop fields, near Kisarazu City in Japan’s eastern Chiba prefecture. Deployed last July, this beast of technology has demonstrated effectiveness at its job and is billed to go into mass production this April.

See video below:

These creatures are mainly powered by solar-rechargeable batteries. They a considerably heavy price tag of about 514,000 yen ($4,840). However, according to reports, there will be provisions to lease them on a monthly bases.

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