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Social Promotions & Campaigns: We seek new partnerships with individuals, institutions and corporate bodies keen to foster technology development across borders – national, social, gender, etc. We collaborate on projects across several interests and applications of technology including business, education, environment, public policy, culture, etc. Furthermore, we are keen on developing data projects that bring useful insights into public activities. Our aim is to promote the sharing of ideas and solutions to public challenges based on an adequate understanding of underlying data interactions.

Publishing: We have an independent publishing team for organizing our works on books, eBooks, audio and video media. Partner us today for collaborations on your publishing project.


Events Partnerships: We work with organizations to facilitate a range of events, conferences, training and workshops on a broad range of themes. These are designed to bring together, leaders, policy makers, innovators, experts and change makers as we explore topical issues of contemporary society. Our thematic areas are always inclined to technology collaboration via interventions in leadership, education, business, capacity building, among others.




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